January 10, 2022: Wine with Intention

Note: this is a blog post written by one of our staff, Michelle, who joined Kalasi Cellars in her retirement.

Merriam-Webster lists one of the definitions of the word intention as “a concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge” (Merriam-Webster, 2022). As I officially retired from healthcare, I focused on my intention of items that I both had and wanted more knowledge. Wine was one of my intentions. However, I considered myself a wine novice. Yes, I had sold wine via a company within the confines of my or my friend’s home. Yes, I had traveled to Napa twice and spent more than the vacation cost on bottles of great wine, but could I successfully become a member of the wine industry? As one who loves risk, I set out to start my journey.

Enter Kalasi Cellars to my story. One day, I simply applied to several wine tasting associate jobs within the Fredericksburg area. Although I do not remember my exact words, my cover letter was humble and truthful – no experience. Greg Davis, the co-owner and business powerhouse, quickly called me and invited me to their tasting room. I was able to meet him, his equally impressive wife and winemaker, Nikhila, and their son Raj. Their warmth, combined with their knowledge of wine, made me feel welcome and comfortable as a novice.

Fast-forward two months. Using my nursing background and Benner’s Novice to Expert theories, I now consider myself an advanced beginner and quickly approaching the competent level (Petiprin, 2020). And as a red wine lover, I have come to appreciate Kalasi’s white wines. My personal favorite is the Malvasia Bianca. I will be honest that I had to practice the name more than once, and I did mess up the pronunciation in front of my fellow wine lovers (Pronunciation Guide, 2015). However, at Kalasi Cellars, it is again about setting your intention on the object of knowledge. I also like to call it linguistic diversity, and we will know what type of wine your want even if we pronounce it differently than we do.

I have also come to more fully appreciate the history of wine. When you see, me ask me about the Phylloxera plague of 1867 and how it impacted the journey of the Carménère grape. If you have not heard about Carménère; don’t worry we are here to share the history with you and let you taste this great wine I like to pair with ribeye.

If you have the intention to love or learn more about wine, join us at Kalasi Cellars for your wine journey 7 days a week.



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