Check our Our 3, 6, and 12 Bottle Wine Clubs

To request a wine club membership, please email!


All Wine Clubs Feature:
  • Wines made from 100% estate-grown, Texas grapes
  • Four standard shipments / pick ups per year
  • Early or exclusive access to new wine releases
  • 15% discount on wine purchases online and in our tasting room (glasses & bottles)
  • Complimentary wine tastings when you visit our beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas tasting room
  • Invitations to members-only events (e.g., wine club pick up events)
  • Note: Benefits are only available to members receiving the last shipment / pick up (i.e., new signups must purchase 3 / 6 / 12 bottles to receive benefits); memberships require a 1 year commitment (i.e., 4 total club packages); early cancellation (less than 4 club packages received) will result in a fee

How Wine Club Works:

  • You receive wine four times per year (our club shipment dates shown below)
  • Based on your club membership, each package you will receive 3, 6, or 12 bottles of wine
  • If you are in the 3 or 6 bottle clubs, Kalasi Cellars will hand select the included bottles based on the season, new releases, etc. If you are in the 12 bottle club, Kalasi Cellars will pre-select 12 wines for your package, but you can make adjustments to the package based on your preferences up until the club processes
  • Prior to the club package processing date (typically 4-5 days prior to shipment dates below), please make sure your shipping / pickup preference, address, and credit card are all up to date
  • The price of each package is based on the pricing of the specific bottles included in the package minus the 15% wine club discount, plus shipping (if applicable), plus tax. We try to keep each club package’s price largely in line with the previous packages, but there will be variations if a package is more focused on red wine / reserve wines and others are heavier on white wines
  • The club package will be charged on your credit card a few days prior (typically the Thursday prior) to the shipment date (barring any changes) listed below. This gives our fulfilment center time to prepare all the boxes to ship out on the specified shipment date.
  • If your membership is set to ship your wine club packages, please pay attention to the tracking information so you can receive and sign for the wine. We don’t want wine to sit in a shipping warehouse where there’s no control over temperature as that can affect the wine quality.

2023 wine club shipment dates are tentatively planned for:

  • February 20th (pick up weekend February 10th – 12th)
  • April 24th (pick up weekend April 14th – 16th)
  • Optional Club Package Pickup: June 30th – July 2nd
  • September 25th (pick up weekend September 15th – 17th)
  • December 11th (pick up weekend December 1st – 3rd)

To avoid wine sitting in hot warehouses or trucks, we pick shipment dates that minimize exposure to the extreme Texas heat and ensure wine makes it to you in the best condition possible. When we do have to ship wine during warmer months, we will use ice packs to better protect the wine during shipment.

The club order charges are typically processed 4+ days before the stated shipment date above. This gives our fulfillment center time to pack club orders and get them out the door on the shipment date.

Do you love giving and especially the gift of wine?

Contact us at to give the gift of a wine club membership! We’re sure your loved ones will appreciate it!