Discover Fredericksburg’s Hidden Gem: A Wine Tasting Adventure Awaits at Our Estate

Our Story

Kalasi Cellars stands as a family-owned boutique winery nestled in Fredericksburg, Texas, renowned for our distinguished estate-grown wines. With unwavering dedication, we meticulously cultivate grapes across our 140-acre estate in the Texas High Plains at Narra Vineyards, as well as in Fredericksburg, ensuring an unparalleled tasting adventure steeped in authenticity. Our wine selection showcases a focus on single varietals complemented by Bordeaux and Italian blends, each crafted with precision and passion.

Immerse yourself in our tasting room, where the essence of our story comes to life, inviting you to savor our wines while delving into our journey.

Visit Today!

Our tasting room is open 7 days a week, with walk-ins welcome! We have a few options for you to experience our wine and learn more about us.

  • Wine Tastings (up to 6 guests; dependent on space):
    • Standard Wine Tasting of 5 wines (mix of white, rosé, and red): $20/ea
    • Premium Wine Tasting of 5 wines (red wine only): $30/ea
    • Wine & Madhu Chocolate Pairing of 4 wines and chocolates: $45/ea
  • Wine by the Glass / Bottle: Come grab a seat at our wrap-around bar, or relax under a tree outside while enjoying a glass or bottle of wine!

Interested in an event? Check out our upcoming events and holidays!

Kalasi Cellars Main Wine Tasting Room in Fredericksburg

Open 7 Days a Week

  • Monday 11-5
  • Tuesday 11-5
  • Wednesday 11-5
  • Thursday 11-5
  • Friday 11-6 (open later!)
  • Saturday 11-6 (open later!)
  • Sunday 11-5

Any Questions? Give us a Call: 830-992-3037

414 Goehmann Lane
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Everyone is welcome at Kalasi Cellars! We have two handicap parking spaces at the tasting room, a wheelchair accessible bar, and wheelchair accessible restrooms. While our gravel walkways are stable, if you need to park on pavement, just give our tasting room a call and our team can work with you to arrange alternative parking options.

Our Tasting Room Policies:

  • Groups Larger Than 6 We cannot accommodate groups larger than 6 at our main bar, but you may book our Private Tastings (up to 20 guests), contact us below for special events, or come and enjoy glasses and bottles outside. Groups larger than 6 must pay for on-premise consumption with one tab / payment and a 20% gratuity will automatically be added.
  • Kid Policy We are kid friendly! Please be sure to keep your kids on their best behavior so that they do not disturb the experience of other guests. Additionally, please supervise your children as our property is a working farm with heavy equipment and animals.
  • Pet Policy We are dog friendly! Please make sure your dogs are well behaved. Dogs must be current on their shots, n0n-aggressive, kept outside (we have plenty of outdoor seating), and remain on a leash at least 300 feet away from our llamas and our neighbor’s sheep. Per our health department, only service dogs are allowed inside our tasting room as we do serve food. Unfortunately, no other pets are allowed on property.
  • Electric Car Charging For any customers with electric cars and motorcycles, we have 2x Level 2 Tesla chargers (up to 46 miles of range per hour), one J1772 plug, and multiple NEMA 14-50 outlets available so you can charge your electric vehicle while you relax in our winery’s tasting room. The chargers are located at the far end of our parking lot. These are only available to customers during normal business hours.
  • Outside Food No outside food or beverage (other than water) is permitted unless approved 24hrs in advance of your visit. Outside alcohol is never permitted as it endangers our permits. We do offer non-alcoholic beverages and food in our tasting room so that everyone can enjoy their visit.
  • Noise Levels & Audio Devices To ensure that everyone can have a great experience in our tasting room, we do not allow guests to play audio (e.g., listening to your own music, watching TV / sports) while they are here. Additionally, we ask that guests refrain from shouting as this interferes with other customers’ experience.
  • Using Perfume / Cologne / Strongly Scented Products is strongly discouraged during your visit to our winery. Smelling wine is a critical part of tasting, and so wearing perfume / cologne, or having a strong-smelling hairspray will hinder our guests’ ability to taste the nuanced flavors in wine