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6 Bottle Wine Club (Red Wines Only)

This Parade: Heritage & Reincarnated Package includes 6 bottles of red wine per shipment (4 shipments / year) of 100% estate-grown wines from our vineyards in Texas. We select wines for each shipment with the season in mind. This means during the warmer months you’ll receive lighter red wines, whereas the winter months you’ll receive heavier wines, like our bolder reds.

2022 shipment dates are tentatively planned for:

To avoid wine sitting in hot warehouses or trucks, we pick shipment dates that minimize exposure to the extreme Texas heat and ensure wine makes it to you in the best condition possible. When we do have to ship wine during warmer months, we will use ice packs to better protect the wine during shipment.

The club order charges are typically processed on the Thursday before the stated date above. This gives our fulfillment center time to pack club orders and get them out the door on the shipment date.

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