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Husband and wife duo, Greg and Nikhila Narra Davis, founded Kalasi Cellars. They combine Nikhila’s extensive experience in grape growing and wine making with Greg’s business acumen to create a unique winery with fantastic wines. At Kalasi Cellars, Nikhila takes the reins on “vines and wines,” while Greg focuses on finance, operations, and marketing.

Nikhila Narra Davis: Owner / Viticulturalist / Winemaker
In 2013, Nikhila fearlessly plunged into the heart of the Texas wine industry, establishing Narra Vineyards with an impressive 140 acres under her dedicated management. Since then, she has meticulously curated her expertise, leaving an indelible mark as one of the state’s eminent female grape growers and winemakers.

Nikhila’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to mastery. She honed her winemaking skills at Cakebread Cellars in Napa Valley, achieved an introductory sommelier certification, and delved into the intricacies of viticulture with a certificate from Texas Tech University. Further solidifying her knowledge, she earned an Executive Wine certification from the esteemed University of California at Davis. A beacon of inspiration, Nikhila continues her evolution through a mentorship with Dan Gatlin of Inwood Estates, producer of some of the finest wines in Texas.

Her academic pursuits mirror her dedication, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi, specializing in international business, finance, and economics. Nikhila’s intellectual prowess extends to a Master’s degree in Public Relations from the same institution, showcasing a multifaceted approach to her endeavors. Today, she stands not just as a winemaker but as a trailblazer, defining the landscape as one of the few leading female figures shaping the future of Texas grape growing and winemaking.

Nikhila Narra Davis, Founder can be contacted at nikhila@kalasicellars.com.

Greg Davis: Owner / Strategy & Operati0ns
Before founding Kalasi Cellars, Greg built a robust career in management consulting, where he spearheaded pivotal initiatives for some of the world’s largest corporations. His expertise was instrumental in driving revenue growth, implementing cost-cutting strategies, and optimizing operational processes. Notably, he played a key role in facilitating M&A transactions totaling over $10 billion. Despite these accomplishments, Greg’s lifelong dream of entrepreneurship beckoned, and his journey into the Texas wine industry was sparked by a serendipitous meeting with his wife, Nikhila.

A graduate of Lafayette College, Greg holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics, showcasing his strong foundation in the sciences. Further enhancing his skill set, he earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Additionally, Greg has undertaken the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate program. With this comprehensive educational background and a wealth of experience in corporate strategy, Greg has transitioned from the rigors of international travel and corporate boardrooms to the fulfilling rhythm of overseeing Kalasi Cellars, turning his lifelong dream into a tangible and flourishing reality.

Greg Davis, Founder can be contacted at greg@kalasicellars.com.


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